Thanks for taking the time to check out my site. This website serves a personal portfolio site, tutorial site, my blog, and a community for the things I'm interested in currently. You'll be able to find information about the projects that I've done here. I have my open-source PHP work posted here, as well as information about my other PHP projects. I work with Windows and Linux on a regular basis, using Linux for my webserver, fileserver, database server, mail server and sometimes as a development platform, using wine when I need to for windows applications. I use Windows mostly for development, correspondence, gaming, and media.

If you are a developer, please don't be reluctant to post a message on my message boards. I am always looking for developers to work with. I don't know anyone locally who can do what I do, and as a result I telecommute with other developers for most of my large and open-source projects.

If you would like to view my resume, please post a request on the resume page. Upon approval you will be emailed a link with a key which you can click to view and print my resume. Please feel free to download my open-source projects and use them on your sites.